About [Strategia Națională pentru Păduri 2030]

Strategia Națională pentru Păduri 2030

National Forest Strategy 2030

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About the consulting process

The consultation process is meant to allow the central public authority representative of forestry to create a forestry policy meant to build and consolidate an efficient and respected forestry sector, that brings its contribution to the sustainable development of Romania. Thus, the consultation of the stakeholders of the forestry sector:

  • Its goal is to involve the main stakeholders of the sector; a general consultation of the entire society is not the purpose of this process, but there has been complete transparency in attracting the stakeholders;
  • It seeks to identify the consensual aspects, as a starting point, which is why it follows a trajectory from general to specifics;
  • It seeks identifying and highlighting different approaches and opinions between the stakeholders and correctly informing the competent central public authority regarding the alternative options, in order to support the decision-making process at a governmental level;
  • It targetsa structured collection and presentation of the options of the stakeholders for a 10 years span (medium term);
  • It does not target drawing up a strategic document of public policies, this being the legal attribute of the competent central public authority;
  • It aims at encouraging the stakeholders to take into account the strategic context and the opportunities offered by the framework defined by the European Commission and the United Nations when taking a stand;
  • It involves applying a well-known method of consulting the stakeholders, based on setting up focus groups that address different topics.